About Us

Who Are We

Nowadays it is common to see companies with similar products and services in all business sectors, even if the companies provide the same product and service, their production process, the use of energy, their management systems are different and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to their individual activities, we have established EPARMA by thinking that if they work together as a union, there will be better results in the sector.

One of the many goals we set for EPARMA was to deal with issues that our members face with the Revenue and Customs Authority, such as Customs and Excise.

When dealing with income tax and other related issues, we will assist them in resolving problems with the Customs and Excise Authority and, on their behalf, assist them in their case by saving time and achieving better results in their work.

We organize exhibitions to exchange ideas and experience in advanced manufacturing and solutions, with other exhibitions and, and we facilitate opportunities for our members to interact with each other and with other similar institutions to learn about new practices to exchange experiences and gain more experience.

In addition to domestic exhibitions, trade fairs, bazaars, and experience-sharing forums, we have improved our production and business processes by engaging our member’s at all continental and international forums. We also provide state-of-the-art workshops and training to our members.

Core Values

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE : We strive to create memorable experiences and deliver extraordinary positive results.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY :  We pay it forward and contribute to the community inside and outside of the office.

Our Vision

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To support the manufacturers (members)   to be strong and competent