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You will find local players on raw materials, manufacturing, recycling, importing, as well as visitors from other industry sectors seeking various plastic and rubber products


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You will find a variety of innovative and high-quality plastic and rubber products from local manufacturers who are creating value addition, export potential, and job creation.


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You will also find information, knowledge, insights, best practices, cases studies, etc.
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What is PRIME?

PRIME Ethiopia is a necessity for Ethiopia’s growing plastics and rubber industry as it will help to overcome some of the major challenges that face the industry, such as lack of awareness, inadequate recognition, lack of support from different sectors, shortage in funding, inadequate infrastructure, lack of support with technology, as well as absent or irregular standards and regulation mechanisms, etc. The event will also help to capitalize on some of the major opportunities that exist for the industry, such as increasing demand, market potential, export opportunities, value addition, job creation, environmental benefits, etc.

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Recap of the first ever PRIME Ethiopia's Launch event and EPR's General Assembly held at Skylight Ethiopia Hotel

18th Apr

09am EST

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