Ethiopian Plastic and Rubber Manufacturers' Association

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PRIME Ethiopia: Local and International showcase Expo

Get ready to witness the groundbreaking Ethiopia Plastics and Rubber Association Mass Exhibition

A spectacular showcase of innovation and excellence in the plastic and rubber industries Join us for a local and international Expo that promises to elevate Ethiopia’s presence on the global stage.

As a precursor to a series of events planned for 2024, including workshops, seminars, scientific sessions, and other grand international exhibitions, this Expo is a testament to EPR’s commitment to driving growth and collaboration within the industry.

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Who is EPR?

The Ethiopian Plastic and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (EPR) is a non-profit organization that represents and supports more than 500 members who are manufacturers of various plastic and rubber products in Ethiopia. EPR is the leading figure regarding the plastics and rubber industry in the country that has partnerships and close relations with

Our Vision

We will to create a huge association that can positively impact each member, our society and our country.

Mr Mintesinot

President, EPR

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are non-profitable.
  • We provide updated technologies and machineries for our members.
  • We create economic opportunity for our members.
  • We are present everywhere on behalf of our members.
  • We meet without any preconditions, time or place for all the support our members

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Being the only plastic and rubber manufacturers association.

Mr. Samson Ketema (General Manager)


Mr. Samson Ketema (General Manager)


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